Friday, 9 December 2016

5 Reasons for Being Thankful for Sports

James Frazermann
Reasons for Being Thankful for Sports

There are only very few things in life that are as energising, engaging and revitalising as your favourite sport. As with most of you, my life is also filled with different sport at different stage of my life. Today when James Frazermann reflect at his life, he release that ironically He have taken the presence of sports in his life for granted and did not even thank it for how it helped him as a person. 

Below are 5 of the reasons for which I think we should be thankful for sports by James Frazermann.

1) It unites people:

In today’s world, several things create divide between people. Moreover, very few things unite people. One of the biggest things that unite people is sports. Sports has that power to unite people right from a very small group of 2 to 3 people, to the entire country, that stand rock solid as one behind their sports team in international competitions.

2) It teaches us the spirit of sportsmanship:

We fail in doing several things in our lives, but it is the right attitude that keeps us going. That right attitude is about sportsmanship, which is about fairness, respect, ethics, and the sense of fellowship towards people with whom we compete for something.  Sports teach the demarcation between on the field and off the field. It exemplifies that it does not matter if you fall or fail or lose the game, just get up, dust-off and play the game again.

3) It teaches us to cheer for others:

It is one thing to feel exuberant if we succeed in something that we were doing ourselves but it is a completely different thing to feel like we have won when actually someone else wins by his or her hard work. It is one thing to do something ourselves, while it is a completely different thing to completely support someone else do something and cheer for him or her and being with him or her in her good and bad times. A sport is a great place to start experiencing this magic and building on the qualities.

4) It provides equal opportunities to everyone:

Sport is one of the few places where it does not matter whether you believe in Jesus or not, whether you own a big house and a car or not, whether you support democrats or republicans, whether you care about the planet or not, and so on. Sports provides equal level playing field to all. It treats everyone equally irrespective of anything else. At the same time, sport is one of those hidden areas that is creating tremendous opportunities for anyone who wants to pursue it professionally. 

5) It is sheer fun:

Last but not the least, there is nothing as rejuvenating and as energising as experiencing a good sporting event. Nothing beats the lump in the chest, the growing heartbeat and the still breathing when the opponent team is about to score. Conversely noting equals the exhilaration, happiness, those teary eyes, and the yell of winning when your favourite team lifts the cup. Nothing beats checking the score, or trying to catch a small glimpse if you are not able to see the sport yourself due to work. Moreover, if you happen to play some sport yourself, nothing can come near the good physical tiredness after a great competition.

He believe you would agree with him that it does not matter if you are highly skilled to play a sport or not; merely watching our favorite pro play gives us Goosebumps. For the above reasons, and for all those Goosebumps, James Frazermann, are thankful for sports. Are you too?

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